vibrofiltr 2 mm demping

€ 75,00

10 sheet 70cm x 50cm 3,5m2

Features: 3,5m² oppervlakte

2mm thick, high strength and black alubutyl pack.

Consists of 20 mats measuring (700mm x 500mm x 2mm)

Self-adhesive mat for dampening vibration, noise and acoustic resonance.

Material: composite material based on high quality butyl rubber (butyl rubber) and polymers reinforced with extruded aluminium foil

Aluminium foil thickness: 0.1 mm (100 μm)

Areas of application: Doors, roof, engine partition, wheel arches, boot, bonnet.

Sufficient for the insulation of 4 doors + boot + side panels.

For optimum insulation of structure-borne sound

High insulating effect with comparatively low weight

Excellent adhesion even with multiple layers of application

Simple processing, no heating necessary

High stability thanks to thick aluminium foil

No falling of the insulation in cold weather (winter)

Extremely strong adhesive force!

The Alubutyl has cuboidal grooves, which allows optimal adaptation to a wide variety of sheet shapes.



Material thickness : 2mm (0,1mm aluminium layer + 1,9mm butylmix)

Weight per unit area : 2,95 kg/²

Package size: 3,5m²

Mechanical loss factor at 200 Hz (damping efficiency): 0.38

Package content: 20 mats

Roll size: 700 x 500 mm