SXA 6K pro monoblock 5500 watt rms

€ 599,00

2000/3500/5500 w rms

Full Range Digital and Full Bridge Mono, 1Ohm stable
4/ 2/ 1Ohm
1x 2000/ 3500/ 5500 RMS @ 14,4V
LxWxH mm 410 x 230 x 68

*  Fully 1Ohm stable Full Bridge Technology
*  Full Range FQ Response 10Hz to 20KHz
*  Soft delayed remote Turn On Circuity
*  Fully microcontrolled Power Supply
*  Fully adjustable LPF, HPF, BPF Crossover
*  12dB fully adjustable Bass Boost Setting
*  Military Standard 8GA and 0GA Terminal
*  Overload, Heat, Volt, Short Circuit Protection
*  Power / Clip / Alarm LED Status indicators
*  Classic max functional aluminium Heatsink
*  Heat management on board via cooling Fan
*  Dual side solid PCB Layout w.SMT process
* Tiffany Style High END RCA jacks
*  External Remote Level Controle with Voltage Display monitoring, Status und Clipping Indicator included