PXA B8 - Underseat Active Subwoofer

€ 249,00

Underseat Active Subwoofer (incl. harness)

Underseat Active Subwoofer (incl. harness)
* 8"/20cm active Subwoofer with dual passive radiators
* 150 RMS / 500 W MAX Music Power
* Auto Turn ON/OFF Function
* High and Low Level Signal Input
* Remote Controle via Cable for Volume
* 0-180° Phase Switch
* 40-200 Hz Low Pass fully adjustable X-over
* 12dB Bass Boost
* Massive die cast enclosure
LxWxH mm 265 x 355 x 75 - 5,6 kg

The PXA PLUG OEM UPGRADE series offers maximum installation comfort with the best price / performance and re-usability.

With the PXA B8, we present a multi-generation developed concept of under-seat subwoofers, which has become an integral part of acoustic sounding not only at BMW due to the advantageous placement.

Here as EXCURSION PXA B8 in clearly high-quality form, with built-in powerful digital amplifier, a massive and heavy die-cast housing and the comfort of a wired remote control, in use and use for almost all vehicles. The compact pressure housing of the PXA B8 with its passive radiators integrated at the back of the edges was completely exhausted. Comparable to a bass reflex tuning, the PXA B8 can reach a much higher level and depth in the frequency cellar than former "closed" case subwoofers which "only" generate sound over one side of the cone. This, in combination with the advantageous placement, creates a very impressive sound Result with very smart effort and invisible and full recovery capability installation.

We also recommend further conceptinal components with the PXA 45 4-channel amplifier or the PXA P6 6-channel sound processor with Blue Tooth Music reproduction in a set to the PXA B8 or in a further retrofit.

- 1x PXA B8
- 1x mounting material
- 1x cable sets
- 1x wired remote control
- owner manual

Since 2014 EXCURSION offer a praxis born range of Loudspeaker, Subwoofer and Amplifiers based on 30years of experience and engineering. Design, Innovation and Improvements are sourced from all those Challenges of the Car Audio Competition Associations all over the world. This selection of leading and winning high technology route direct into our product lines in order to offer a wide range of consumers Know How and Value which they could usually not access.  With german leadership in the global production our authorizied EXCURSION factory partners leave no doubt to meet standards we as german brand are expected for. Next to an unbeatable Price Performance the praxis form follow function philosophy mirror the prior target motivation of EXCURSION.

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